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The Lands and Resources Committee (L.A.R.C.) is an advisory body, making recommendations to Council in regards to lands and natural resources for approval.

The L.A.R.C. oversee the application of the Community Development Plan (a.k.a. Land Use Plan) and propose development of and implement appropriate by-laws, rules, and regulations regarding the development of Wasauksing First Nation lands and natural resources.

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Expressions of Interest

Wasauksing First Nation citizens interested in being appointed to the Lands and Resources Committee must submit a letter of interest (or can submit a request using the Expression of Interest application below), providing a brief explanation of how all eligibility requirements outlined within the Terms of Reference are met.

The Lands Manager will review all applications and make recommendations to Council for review.

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Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Lands and Resources Committee was approved by Council on November 18, 2014 (Motion #11-18-14-14).

Community Updates

There are currently no community updates.

Please check back soon.

Meeting Minutes

The Lands and Resources Committee must record accurate meeting minutes for each meeting. All meeting minutes are reviewed prior to the closure of the meeting at which they were recorded and approved.

Approved meeting minutes will be available on our website soon.