On February 25, 2017, our citizens cast their ballots in favour of the Wasauksing First Nation Land Code and Individual Agreement with Canada.

With a strong 76% of Wasauksing voters in support of the Land Code, Wasauksing First Nation can now begin managing our First Nation’s Lands and Natural Resources in accordance with our own customs, traditions and practices, rather than under the land management provisions of the Indian Act. Wasauksing First Nation is the 69th First Nation in Canada to pass a Land Code, which came into effect on June 1, 2017.

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The Wasauksing First Nation Land Code was drafted by our citizenship at a grassroots level,

and includes a description of reserve lands to be managed under the Land Code, a mechanism for new lands to be added, general rules and procedures for the use and occupation of our lands, financial accountability, the making and publishing of land laws, stringent conflict of interest rules, a process to develop rules and procedures applicable to land on the breakdown of a marriage, a dispute resolution process, and other matters respecting the use and management of Wasauksing First Nation land.

“Our Elders refer to the Anishinabek as part of the land and environment. They acknowledge ownership over Turtle Island. “Kii maah gii donn kinagago. Kii paag don kii zha wiigaazne. Kii maah gii donn kinagago.” (They took it all from us, they gave us leftovers. They took it all from us.). ‘Kinaagago’ means our land, our language, our children, our food: animals, our Way of Life, our culture. The Nation (We) refers to these lands as the leftovers. What is known today as Reserve Lands. We must take care of the land (the leftovers) to sustain the Anishinabek Way of Life.”

– Chief Warren Tabobondung

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As per our Land Code, Wasauksing First Nation and our Lands and Resources Committee are required to provide an annual lands and resources report to our citizenship. Please check back soon for our 2020-2021 release.

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