Land Management

Wasauksing First Nation manages our lands and resources in accordance with our own customs, traditions and practices, rather than under the land management provisions of the Indian Act. 

Asserting jurisdiction and autonomy over our lands and resources, Wasauksing First Nation and our citizenship can create laws that will further protect our lands for seven generations.

Please see respective sections for further details.

Pink sky at sunset with the silhouette of a pine tree in the foreground
Blue flower as used as a decorative frame
Blue tulip and pink flower from the Wasauksing First Nation Branding

Land Use Permitting

Environmental Management Plan

As highlighted on our home page, Wasauksing First Nation’s Environmental Management Plan will provide the required guidance for Wasauksing First Nation administrative staff to adequately manage Wasauksing’s lands and natural resources as per the Wasauksing First Nation Land Code, and will assist in establishing an environmental protection regime that best serves and balances the community’s interests.

Our Environmental Management Plan received approval on Thursday, May 21, 2020. Excellent work Wasauksing!