Wasauksing Lands and Natural Resources

The Lands and Natural Resources Office, under the Public Works Department, is responsible for the overall daily operations and management of Wasauksing First Nation’s lands and natural resources, through the planning, organizing, directing, implementing, and evaluating of the Wasauksing First Nation Land Code and the Wasauksing First Nation Community Development Plan (a.k.a Land Use Plan).

As stated in our Land Code, we have a profound connection with the akii (lands) that is rooted in respect for the spiritual value of the Earth and the gifts of the Creator. We have a deep desire to preserve our relationship with the akii. As Anishinaabe people, it is our responsibility to maintain the balance of life, seven generations into the future. In order to uphold this responsibility, we must be equal partners in the control and management of our Island.

Ndaa’aa gchi-piitendaagoziwin aki gaa-bi dgosing wii-ni-namendamong ezhi-gchi-piitendaagok maanda aki miiniwaa miigwewinan gaa-biingoyaang Gzhe-mnidoo. Ndaa’aanaa niibino gchi-shpendaagoziwin nandwendaanaa wii-naanaagide’endamong waa-zhi-wiijikii’endimaang maanda nji aki. E-zhi-anishinaabewyang, gdaa’aanaa waa-zhi-mnaadendimaang wii-naanaagide’endimaang waa-zhi-dibaabiishkoodoowang bimaadiziwin, nji iw niizhiwaaswi-b’boon aankonaageyaang niigaaniiwin. Wi dash nji wii-mijigonimang maanda gchi-piitendaaswin, aabidig ji maamowi nokiitimong maanda sa-nji ji-ni niingaanziikidemang miiniwaa ji ni naanaagide’endimaang maanda gdoo-akiimaan.


Our Goals

To maintain our relationship with the land

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To carefully balance the conservation, restoration, and sustainable development of Wasauksing First Nation’s lands and natural resources, in keeping with our traditional values and beliefs (our Anishinaabe Way of Life) for the benefit of our citizenship and our future generations.

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Our mission is to oversee the application of the Land Use Plan, and to develop and implement appropriate by-laws, rules, and regulations regarding the development of lands and resources on Wasauksing First Nation, so as to maintain our relationship with the land and kinaa eh gwuk sii yung (all that surrounds us).

Wasauksing First Nation Develops an Environmental Management Plan

Throughout 2019, citizens of Wasauksing First Nation with the assistance of Shared Value Solutions, contributed to the development of Wasauksing First Nation’s Environmental Management Plan. This Plan provided an opportunity for all citizens to explore the current environmental conditions and issues on Wasauksing First Nation, resulting in 13 Environmental Stewardship Guidelines which provide further information and direction for each identified environmental issue/priority.

Wasauksing First Nation’s Environmental Management Plan will provide the required guidance for Wasauksing First Nation administrative staff to adequately manage Wasauksing’s lands and natural resources as per the Wasauksing First Nation Land Code, and will assist in establishing an environmental protection regime that best serves and balances the community’s interests.

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